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Managing Your Marketing is a Job for the Experts

By Cedric Friesen / December 29, 2020

Itching to ramp up your marketing efforts but not sure you can handle it yourself? It may be time to find a marketing partner to manage your customer’s journey.

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Be Everywhere

By Brian Jackson / December 24, 2020

We have another WICKED SMART WEBINAR coming up in a few weeks! Reserve your spot now as we hear from Ian Magley or EastMain Digital Marketing. He’ll be presenting The “Be Everywhere” Marketing Plan – How to Advertise Like Amazon with a Local Sized Budget

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On Your Mark, Get Set, GOOOOOOO!

By Lori Morton-Lockley / December 22, 2020

2021 is just around the corner. Like many people, I’m wondering how I can make sure our team starts off on the right foot. What […]

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Operation Poinsettia

By Jean Taylor / December 18, 2020

A long standing Holiday tradition, Operation Poinsettia, has been a staple of this magical season with WIZM over 35 years. All of us at Mid-West […]

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Missed Chance at First Glance

By Cedric Friesen / December 15, 2020

Your website is the front door of your business online. It’s not easy making a great digital first impression. Let’s get their attention and get down to business.

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Recognizing Some Amazing Team Members

By Brian Jackson / December 10, 2020

Since 2020 is almost in the books, we need to recognize a few big milestones that a few people on our team reached. These people […]

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The Night Shift

By Lori Morton-Lockley / December 8, 2020

Big props to the unsung heroes who bake our bread, deliver babies in the wee morning hours and answer the calls in the middle of […]

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By Jean Taylor / December 2, 2020

In a typical year, we invite our listeners and supporters of the Rock Foundation to join us for a special evening of great food, beverage […]

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Choose Joy

By Cedric Friesen / December 1, 2020

Many things haven’t exactly been pleasant in 2020. We can still look through pain and discomfort to choose joy.

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Thankful for Engineers

By Brian Jackson / November 26, 2020

No, not that kind of engineer. (but it would be awesome if they wore those cool hats!) The responsibilities of a Broadcast Engineer is a […]

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Just Text Me!

By Lori Morton-Lockley / November 24, 2020

I recently watched my daughter apply for a position and was surprised by how much of the interview process happened via text. And why not? […]

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Zoom With Santa

By Jen O'Brien / November 19, 2020

He knows when you’ve been naughty or nice, but what he really needs to know….is what you want for Christmas! Mid-West Family La Crosse has […]

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Who You Are Doesn’t Matter

By Cedric Friesen / November 17, 2020

Gift buying season is upon us.  If you’re doing any product research on-line or gift buying on the web, there’s a chance your family members […]

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Eat. Drink. Shop. Local.

By Brian Jackson / November 12, 2020

While listening to one of our radio stations this morning, (95.7 THE ROCK) I heard a very spontaneous conversation that cannot be overstated. Brian, Jean […]

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A Recruiter Friended Me….I Guess Things Are Getting Serious!

By Lori Morton-Lockley / November 10, 2020

And then I realized the recruiter has probably friended a LOT of people! If you’re thinking of using social media to find and secure great […]

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Miracle on 34th Street

By Jen O'Brien / November 6, 2020

WIZM News will be broadcasting the La Crosse Community Theater play, Miracle on 34th Street, live on air! Tune in to 1410 WIZM on December […]

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It’s About the Buzz

By Cedric Friesen / November 3, 2020

Be adaptable during a time of uncertainty. Those who survive are those who are prepared and best at handling change. Prepare and be ready so you’re in a position to make honey when your time is right.

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woman in gray tank top

Just Be Cool

By Brian Jackson / October 29, 2020

We’ve all seen the stories of people losing their minds about having to follow Covid-19 safety precautions. A quick YouTube search will take you down […]

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But Are They Working?

By Lori Morton-Lockley / October 27, 2020

Are we now a “work from home” economy? Incredibly 42% of the U.S. labor force is now working from home full-time! (Stanford News June 2020) […]

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What’s Your Sign?

By Cedric Friesen / October 20, 2020

Whether looking down Broadway in Nashville or at a stick in the sand on a Cay of the Bahamas, “sign sign everywhere a sign” as […]

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