Live Events

Our Crowd Can Be Your Crowd

Want to get in front of enthusiastic fans, enjoy mass exposure and take root in the hearts and minds of the community? Climb inside the gigantic footprint of these or other high-profile community events with us and significantly expand awareness of your brand.


Associate your brand with some of the top concerts in the Coulee Region.

Sponsor Bus Trips

Connect on a one-to-one level with the raving fans of some of the top acts in the country as they travel to concerts around the country.

Station Promotions

Become intimately involved with one of the highly engaged groups of listeners of any of our stations.

Large Events

Sponsor some of the top events in the Coulee Region and elevate your brand.


Leverage our radio personalities' audience of raving fans by hosting an appearance at your business location.


Enhance your brand credibility with an on-air endorsement. Our radio personalities establish a personal connection to your product and encourage their loyal followers to do the same.

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Would you like to associate your brand with some of the most popular events, concerts, and influencers in Wisconsin?