Broadcast Radio

Local radio offers a way to touch consumers in your market on a personal and emotional level.  You will love how broadcast radio can help you turn up your brand.

Content Marketing

Tailored marketing campaigns deliver valuable content. We help you build a relationship with your ideal customers.

Digital Marketing

Improve your online presence to create more leads and grow your client base and bottom line. We work with clients to build a digital marketing strategy that is data-driven with a focus on return on investment.

Event Marketing

Attach your reputation to causes that pull at your customer’s heartstrings. Up your cool factor by connecting your brand with some of the most popular events and concerts in the area.

Video Production

We will tell your brand or product story in a way that keeps people watching. Your videos will grab attention, keep it and compel viewers to engage with you.

Podcast Sessions

Create professional-grade podcasts with our skilled audio producers, voice talent, high-performance equipment and comfortable soundproof studios.

Let Us Help

Take the first step in creating a road map to measurable marketing results.

Custom-fit marketing services to fit your business

From our deep roots in broadcast radio to our wide wingspan in digital media, we bring custom-fit marketing services to you. With Mid-West Family La Crosse on your side, you gain access to a team of highly-trained writers, graphic designers, web and app developers, radio personalities, SEO pros, videographers, market researchers and ad strategists. We come together around one cause: getting you noticed!

Workers coming up with a custom marketing plan
Salesman smiling while giving a presentation

An adaptive approach

The rules of engagement are constantly changing in marketing. Yesterday’s latest thing can quickly become tomorrow’s big snore and there are a dizzying number of ways to market your business. Our marketing services pros will get to the bottom of how to best position your company online, at events, in print or on the air.

Research-based, results-focused

Our marketing services start with careful research and end with solid results. Who is your audience? Where are they in their shopping experience? Are they ready to buy today? Are they just beginning to compare?

Our pros will answer these questions to produce the right marketing combination for your company’s success. We will get the attention your brand deserves and keep it. Across any device, on any platform, we will get inside the hearts and minds of your customers with your message, your brand.

Man pointing at printed out marketing charts