Riding for a reason!

Big Bikes for Little Tikes is our annual motorcycle ride through the Coulee Region with a very special purpose…to make the wish of a local child come true. Big Bikes has been riding for a reason for over 20 years and along the way we’ve met some incredible families and have made some life-long friends. 

Bikes for Little Tikes has granted wishes for a Sponge Bob Cruise, an NFL weekend in Chicago, trips to Disney, Mexico, and Canada! We’ve built a backyard playground and a basketball court. We’ve sent families to California for a NASCAR VIP weekend, an Ohio amusement park and a Canadian fishing trip.

This year we will be riding for Noah Schroeder, a smart, kind, and fun-loving 12-year-old boy from La Crescent that loves video games, sports, and animation. Noah lives with his Mom Lauren, Dad Rob, brother Zachary, and 2 dogs Paxon and Josie. 

Last summer, Noah began suffering headaches and nausea. His family tried diet changes, reducing screen time, chiropractic care and many doctor visits. In September, Noah started 6th grade and soon after was sent to see a specialist at Mayo in Rochester. There it was determined that Noah has brain cancer. He immediately started chemotherapy and is currently undergoing his 6th treatment.

Through everything, Noah has continued to keep his positive attitude. His Doctors and nurses tell his family that he is so polite and understanding. He is an absolute warrior, and his family is so, so proud of him!

Noah and his family are hoping that when Noah’s treatments are completed, they will be able to have a much needed family vacation! They would love a nice, long trip to the Apostle Island National Lakeshore. Oh and Noah, wouldn’t mind too much if there were enough funds remaining for a PC gaming system!

Saturday, May 15th we will once again be Riding for a reason and you can join us whether you ride on 2 wheels or 4! This event is only possible with an outpouring of community support. Special thanks to our Big Bikes partners: Paul’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Reedy Concrete Construction, 1st Business Solutions, Wisconsin Insurance Center, Schneider Accounting and Tax, Rudy’s Drive In, Interstate Roofing, Great River Harley Davidson and Bubba’s Meats.


Jean Taylor

Jean has worked mornings on 95.7 The Rock for over 20 years and serves as event coordinator and community liaison for Mid-West Family. Married to her best friend and mom to three teenagers. Manager of the Rock Foundation. Servant leader on the Board for Oktoberfest USA and past Board member for the Hunger Task Force. Thankful to enjoy what I do and the opportunities it's afforded me to meet people and give back to our community.

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