Master Your Remarketing

There’s a small hill in my backyard that wouldn’t grow grass. No matter how hard I tried, the rain would wash it away or the sun would burn it to a crisp. I couldn’t keep seed on the slope, let alone keep it green and growing. As anyone would, I turned to the internet to solve my lawn dilemma. I ended up finding a local landscaper who offered some good advice. Not long after, I noticed their video ads while surfing the net. I also “liked” the company on Facebook and eventually signed up for their monthly newsletter. One year later and my grass wasn’t any greener. This was my fault, not theirs. Realizing defeat, I broke down and hired that local landscaper. Today, my lawn is a carpet of green. It looks great, including that hill!

I was retargeted!

Retargeting also known as remarketing is very common. Marketers love it because it is a tactic where they can serve ads to users who have already visited their website, or a specific web page. It’s an effective way to reach people who have already shown interest in your business or brand and are in the consideration phase of the marketing funnel. My journey went from a curious gardener to a lawn service customer.

Understand your customers journey

It’s rare for a consumer to find your site and instantly make a purchase. Customers travel along a journey from awareness to consideration and finally decision. In my lawn example, I discovered content that piqued my interest. The business stayed in front of me often enough that I eventually subscribed to their newsletter. My customer journey eventually led to hiring this company.

What’s on your hook

How are you retargeting potential buyers and getting them excited about coming (back) to your website or front door? Chris Brogan says, “If you’re just throwing food into the water you’re not fishing, you’re just feeding the fish.” He explains that a worm is just a story, the hook on your line is advertising. “If you put a juicy worm ON that hook, now we’re talking content marketing.” The journey and stories you tell along the way is intentional marketing proving to your prospects that your business can make a difference in solving their problems.

Become a master at marketing in a cookieless world!

Changes are imminent as third-party cookie data will eventually come to an end. Marketers are adjusting to a future of consent-based advertising. How much personal information we share and who we share it with will be monitored more closely. It’s becoming essential to build trust with prospects by providing helpful content when they are actively problem solving.

Collect that data! 

Chris Smith says, “The fortune is in the follow-up. Build a bigger and better business if you build a database.” With steeper restrictions on personal privacy, business owners need to pay attention even more to how they reach potential consumers to lead them through their customer journey.

Learn more!

Join me for a fun networking event on Tuesday, August 16, 2022. Remarketing on the Rocks offers food, drink and a front row seat to Remarketing Mastery. Learn the importance of this marketing strategy and the tools and tactics you’ll need for successful remarketing campaigns.

Sign up! Maybe we can share some grass growing tips.


Cedric Friesen

Husband, Dad, Boss, Leader, Fan. Cedric enjoys serving with the Kiwanis Club and on the board of the Hunger Task Force. He’s also been involved with numerous charity events and fundraisers through Mid-West Family. He’s true to Minnesota sports teams and tolerates most Wisconsin teams. When it comes to business Cedric loves win win win situations!

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