Put Another Blog on the Fire

Just what the world needs, another blog…but it’s your blog. And people do need it. And you need it too. Take a few minutes to read how creating a blog can not only help you, but how it can also help your business connect to customers.

Crank that sharpener, put pen to paper

Doubtful you use pencil or pen, but just play along. Of course, you write plenty throughout your day – emails, notes, memos – that sort of writing. But sitting down and focusing on a thought, writing it out, editing and revising, it’s a process that’s kind of gone to the wayside. Every time you write, you sharpen your writing skills. Keep at it, you’ll only get better.

Your personal megaphone

You have a unique point of view. It’s going to be different from the next person talking about the same subject. But this is your blog, you’re talking to your audience. You have their attention, now what?

Think of your blog as a conversation starter. Each entry is new so whether it’s someone reading for the first time or someone who’s back for more, it’s new to them. Give your reader something to chew on. A reason to click. Something that will peak their interest, leaving them wanting more.

It’s all about relationships

Whether it’s a new or existing customer on the other end, it’s engagement. You’re connecting in a conversational manner. It’s a chance to develop new relationships and strengthen those already established. And what’s one important factor in any relationship? Keep reading, you’ll have your answer.

The T word

Building trust takes time. Putting content out there that adds value builds that trust. As your content continues to drip out over time, that trust pool ups. Soon that trust will overflow and you’ll have fans eagerly awaiting your next nugget of info.

Sit at the head of the table

You’re an expert in your field. People go to you for answers, for information. Your blog helps you establish authority on the subject. It builds your reputation. It positions you as a leader in your industry. Be the go-to. Share that wealth of knowledge and experience. Show and tell what you and your business can do.

Boost your SEO

Google loves new content on your website. A blog can be an effective way to give search engines like Google fresh content to index. Add in some relevant keywords that people may use for searches and you’ll give your SEO a kick in the right direction with consistent posting.

Turn traffic into conversions

With all this new traffic to your website, it’s an opportunity to turn that traffic into leads. How? Add a lead-generating call to action in each blog post. One example would be a free offer – say click here for free information on xyz. The visitor clicks, it takes them to a form fill page and once they submit that info they get the free offer and you get them on your mailing list.

Long term results

Another benefit of blogging is the info you put out there stays out there. It’s not a one and done. A post you made last year can remain relevant, attracting new, qualified leads. Keeping your old blogs updated with recent data and newer links in one way to ensure they’re still fresh.

Maintain your marketing strategy

Isn’t it great when everything ties together? Tie your blog to your overall marketing strategy. Colors, themes, phases – have it relate to what you’re already doing. Use it to promote other multimedia your business may be a part of – videos, podcasts, interviews, even older blog posts. If it keeps them reading, keeps them clicking, you’re doing it right.

Shareable info creates community

People love to share info. It gives them credibility. People like the attention of “hey, look what I found!” It’s why that social media share button exists. If someone finds your blog helpful, they’ll share it with others. With each share you get a wider audience and a community can develop around your posts. Click like, subscribe, share – you always hear that because it works.

There’s plenty more reasons why you should blog, both for personal growth and as a way to grow your business. Give me a click and we’ll break down more hows and whys. Otherwise just get out there and start writing!

Cedric Friesen

Husband, Dad, Boss, Leader, Fan. Cedric enjoys serving with the Kiwanis Club and on the board of the Hunger Task Force. He’s also been involved with numerous charity events and fundraisers through Mid-West Family. He’s true to Minnesota sports teams and tolerates most Wisconsin teams. When it comes to business Cedric loves win win win situations!

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