Create Your Next Million Dollar Idea In Less Than Five Hours

Be A Part Of The New BrandKamp Experiece

BrandKamp is where businesses go to get on the fast track!

This intimate experience will:

Give you exclusive access to four nationally acclaimed consultants with decades of experience to build a plan to drive sales and leads for your business.

Allow our in-house team of 10+ marketing ninjas to operate as an extension of your internal marketing team so you can get more done in less time.

Bring in new ideas and strategies to find the missing link to your next business breakthrough.

Your NEW BrandKamp Experience

Phase 1: Uncover and Research

  1. We will meet with you and share cutting edge research customized to your industry and learn about your specific marketing metrics.
  2. This will happen between during the week of May 10th.

Phase 2: Strategize

  1. We will take what we learned from Phase 1 and work hand in hand with our in-house team and our consultants to map out a multi-phased marketing strategy designed to provide you with measurable results for 2021 and beyond.
  2. You’ll get over $15,000 of consulting talent absolutely free!
  3. Timeline: week of May 17th

Phase 3: Live BrandKamp Experience - June 8th

  1. This will help you understand the “Why” before we go into the “How”.
  2. Attend a morning session where we will cover three things:
    • The Right Message - The perfect words to motivate your customer.
    • The Right Media - Where to place your ads so they get results.
    • The Right Measurement - How to measure your advertising results and connect it to YOUR goals.
  3. This is not another boring seminar! We will follow a Learn - Do - Share format.
    • Learn - We will share a topic.
    • Do - You will take action.
    • Share - You will share your ideas with fellow Kampers and the Kounselors so you can improve your understanding.
  4. The educational parts of the live experience will be recorded so you can reference them with your team.

Phase 4: Action Plan - Your Custom Tactical Road Map

We will present a custom detailed road map on June 9th that will lay out a strategic creative marketing plan that could change your business forever.

You are in an epic battle against companies like Amazon.

Let us be your guide to help you WIN!

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