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Two Ways to Participate in BrandKamp:

1. The BrandKamp Workshop: June 8th

This live, in-person, interactive workshop on June 8th grants you access into the minds of four nationally acclaimed marketing consultants with decades of experience.

We will cover the three main pillars of building a marketing strategy designed to drive leads and sales: the right message, the right media and the right measurement.

We'll send you back to business with new ideas and strategies to apply to your marketing plan that will get you results

2. The BrandKamp VIP Experience

You get exclusive, personal access to four nationally acclaimed consultants to build a plan to drive sales and leads for your business.

Allow our in-house team of 10+ marketing ninjas to operate as an extension of your internal marketing team so you can get more done in less time.

Generate custom ideas and strategies to find the missing link to your next business breakthrough.

Your VIP BrandKamp Experience

Phase 1: Uncover and Research

  1. We will meet with you and share cutting edge research customized to your industry and learn about your specific marketing metrics.
  2. These meetings will be scheduled for the weeks of May 10th and May 17th.

Phase 2: Strategize

  1. We will take what we learned from Phase 1 and work hand in hand with our in-house team and our consultants to map out a multi-phased marketing strategy designed to provide you with measurable results for 2021 and beyond.
  2. You’ll get over $15,000 of consulting talent absolutely free!

Phase 3: Live BrandKamp Workshop - June 8th

  1. This will help you understand the “Why” before we go into the “How”.
  2. Attend a morning session where we will cover three things:
    • The Right Message - The perfect words to motivate your customer.
    • The Right Media - Where to place your ads so they get results.
    • The Right Measurement - How to measure your advertising results and connect it to YOUR goals.
  3. This is not another boring seminar! We will follow a Learn - Do - Share format.
    • Learn - We will share a topic.
    • Do - You will take action.
    • Share - You will share your ideas with fellow Kampers and the Kounselors so you can improve your understanding.

Phase 4: Action Plan - Your Custom Tactical Road Map

We will present a custom detailed road map on June 9th that will lay out a strategic creative marketing plan that could change your business forever.

Meet Your Kamp Kounselors

Chuck Mefford

Author, Strategy Genius, Family Guy and Dog Lover. Chuck Mefford is a brand strategist, national speaker and author of BrandsFormation®, BrandsFormation® for Healthcare and his latest book, Tickle the Toes - Touch The Heart - Change the Mind, hot off the presses!

Chuck doesn’t simply write or speak about branding, he lives it. He is the founding partner of BrandsFormation®, a national marketing firm, with one goal: help transform  good businesses and organizations in America into great, top-of-mind brands. 

Johnny Molson

Master Wordsmith, Content Guru, Wizard of Ads, Dad. Johnny Molson was born in Chicago and lived throughout the Midwest raised mostly on things made of corn. He began theatre training at 13 and found his way into the backdoor of a Detroit radio station. Not long after he was writing and producing ads in Detroit, Dallas, Chicago, and eventually ended up creating ads on every continent on the planet except Australia. He is a marketing strategist with Wizard of Ads in Austin, Texas and consults businesses throughout North America, many realizing double-digit percentage growth. 

Bill Turpen

Musician, Jingle Writer, Public Speaker, Teacher. While in college at Middle Tennessee State University, Bill honed his musical skills playing in various bands and shows in and around the Nashville area. He continues to play music in various bands and productions as a volunteer as well as a professional.

In 1993 Bill developed Advanced Concepts, Inc. Since its inception, Advanced Concepts has developed musical images for well over 6,000 clients nationwide. Although focusing largely on local advertisers, they have developed musical images for many national advertisers including United Way, Famous Dave’s Barbecue, Curves, Cold Stone Creamery and more. 

Bill is also a public speaker and has presented branding seminars and workshops for clients all over the United States since 2010. Bill is currently working on his first marketing/branding business book.

Joe Daguanno

Joe Daguanno will be your digital dot-connector at Brandkamp. Joe has the gift of a connection mindset. You'll love his ability to sit at your side of the table for any problem that you need to solve. He will bend over backward to help you achieve your goals.

His knowledge of full-funnel marketing paired with his experience helping myriad clients increase revenue will help you connect the data behind the strategy with trackable and measurable key performance indicators for each phase of your marketing strategy.


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