Zoey Minnihan

Zoey Minnihan

What is the best part about your job? I really enjoy being able to work with people everyday and find solutions for business owners when it comes to their marketing goals.

Why work with me? My ambitious nature and passion to succeed will make sure that you see results. Working together as a team has always been my greatest strength!

Odds and Ends: Sports fanatic, dog lover, and anything outdoors including hunting, fishing, watersports, and biking. I love to travel whenever I get the chance and I always love a good book.

Strengths: Hardworking - Respectful - Passionate. My athlete mentality from 13 years of sports taught me to be results driven and to face challenges head on.

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Client Commitment

  • My goal is to help local businesses grow by helping them through community involvement, events and building their brand.

Causes I Support

  • American Cancer Society
  • WAFER Food Pantry
  • Local Area Humane Societies