Marketing Strategy


Geno Francis

Now is the time to speak with me about results-driven marketing for your business. Online marketing tools are powerful. And there are so many out there. I will help you make sense of the world of online marketing and determine which of these tools will grow your business.

Bottom line:  I will work with you to create a custom marketing strategy to grow your business.

  • Help with goal setting.

    Do you want more leads? Do you want to increase sales? Get more web traffic? I’ll sit down with you to find out what success looks like for you and create a marketing plan that will achieve these goals.

  • Find the right target audience.

    Your potential customers are out there. I can target the right audience so you can get in front of the people who will support your business.

  • Create compelling content.

    Messaging is key for a successful campaign. At Mid-West Family, we have a team of highly skilled content creators with years of experience in creating campaigns that get the most out of marketing tools.

  • Determine budget.

    How much should you be spending to get what you want out of your marketing? I will work with you to create a custom budget based on your goals and industry research that fit into the financial plan for your business.

  • Stay ahead of your competition.

    I’ll find out what your competition is doing so you can employ the right marketing tools to keep you on top.


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