Jay Woodhouse

Jay Woodhouse

What is the best part about your job? Creating unique and exciting branding ideas and strategies for local businesses is my favorite part of the job. So many business owners are passionate about their business, I love being able to take that enthusiasm and create something that will help them share their business with more of the community!

Why work with me? My entrepreneurial experience allows me to put myself into the shoes of the business owners. I view my relationship with a client as a partnership with their success being the highest priority.

Odds and Ends: Strongman (weightlifting) is my main hobby, followed by traveling. I once went on a trip to Iceland and the first thing I did was lifted weights with The Mountain from Game of Thrones, 2018’s World’s Strongest Man.

Strengths: Being able to put myself into the role of the consumer and business owner when I am creating a strategy or message. I will always provide critical feedback if I believe there is a flaw that needs addressing.

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Client Commitment

  • My commitment to a client is that my priority is their success. I will only present strategies that I believe will work for their unique situations. Marketing is not a one size fits all, and I will never approach it that way.

Causes I Support

  • Steppin' Out in Pink